Virtual Event

September 16-17


Kerry McDonald

Foundation for Economic Education

Howard Fuller

School Choice Leader

Jeanne Allen

Center for Education Reform

Corey DeAngelis

Reason Foundation

Virginia Walden Ford

Parent Advocacy Pioneer

Andrew Campanella

National School Choice Week

Don’t miss an opportunity to be a part of this year’s biggest event in parent advocacy!

The National Coalition for Public School Options (PSO) is among the largest grassroots organizations in the country dedicated to promoting and protecting parent choice in education.
Our annual Parent Leadership Conference gives you the resources to better understand education policy and the tools to shape and support your advocacy as a parent leader.
Due to COVID-19, this free event will be hosted virtually for the first time in our history, giving our coalition the unprecedented ability to open the conference to every parent, teacher, student and stakeholder in our network.
The 2020 Parent Leadership Conference will feature nationally-recognized speakers and panelists who will inform and inspire you to become a capable advocate for parent choice.
Understanding policy. Opinion and analysis from policymakers and education reform leaders to keep advocates informed about the challenges and opportunities facing parent choice.
Shaping advocacy. Inspiration and ideas from the strongest voices in advocacy to give parents the courage and confidence to be an effective voice for their child and choice.
The conference will go live on Wednesday, September 16 with legislation and policy in education choice. Thursday, September 17 will focus on advocacy training for parent leaders.  
With the unprecedented disruption of schooling created by COVID-19, these issues are timelier and this training more valuable than ever before. Don’t miss an opportunity to be a part of this year’s biggest event in parent advocacy!