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The Florida Chapter of the National Coalition for Public School Options is a coalition of committed and passionate parents who engage with state and local policymakers to support legislation and policies that increase educational options for their children.

Keep Virtual Education Reform Consistent with Florida’s Values

Florida – more than any other state – values empowering parents with a robust choice among innovative educational options. Reflecting that commitment, long ago Florida helped lead the nation in establishing virtual public school options.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has exposed many underlying issues and has spurred renewed discussion about potential legislative adjustments to the framework of how full-time virtual education is provided in Florida.  We believe the discussion must be guided by two overriding, parent-based goals:

  1. Establish adequate and equitable funding for all full-time virtual students
  2. Enhance both the establishment of and access to full-time virtual options so every Florida family, no matter where they live, has access to a full range of innovative virtual courses and schools.

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