Through this parent advocacy course, you will learn:

Lesson Plan:

  1. Advocating for School Choice
  2. Why Parent Advocacy Matters
  3. Creating an Elevator Pitch
  4. Developing Talking Points
  5. Who are Your Representatives?
  6. Emailing Your Representatives
  7. The Value of a Letter
  8. Share Your Story
  9. The Power of Persuasive Groups
  10. Creating Supportive Communities
  11. Hosting a Community Event
  12. Changing the Narrative
  13. Using Social Media
  14. Confronting Trolls
  15. Your Story Matters

Advocating for School Choice

Why Parent Advocacy Matters

Creating an Elevator Pitch

Developing Talking Points

Who are Your Representatives?

Emailing Your Representatives

The Value of a Letter

Share Your Story

The Power of Persuasive Groups

Creating Supportive Communities

Hosting a Community Event

Changing the Narrative

Using Social Media

Confronting Trolls

Your Story Matters

Accountability and You

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