About Us

The National Coalition for Public School Options (PSO) is a national alliance of parents that supports and defends parents’ rights to access the best public school options for their children. The coalition supports the creation of public school options, including charter schools, online schools, magnet schools, open enrollment policies, and other innovative education programs. Additionally, we advocate for free and equal access without restrictions to these public schools for all children.

What We Do

The National Coalition for Public School Options advocates at the national, state and local levels for public school options that best serve individual students’ learning needs.

PSO informs lawmakers, policymakers and the public about the benefits of public school options through capitol day rallies, legislative meetings, committee hearing testimony, and more.

PSO fights back against threats to public school options, advocates for adequate and equitable funding, and dispels myths about innovative public schools.

Access barriers that prevent parents from choosing the best public school option for their child must be removed so that all students have equal access to a great education.

Board of Directors


Letrisha Weber, Indiana, President

Letrisha Weber is the mother of one virtual school student and one hybrid school student. When decisions from Indiana legislators and the State Board of Education threatened to change their accessibility to the hybrid school in 2015, she began her journey as a school choice advocate. She has grown from a parent attending statehouse events to the Indiana Chair and most recently as President of the National Coalition for Public School Options. In the current situation, she uses her perspective as a medical professional to support EVERYONE’s right to safe and healthy educational choices that fit their needs. Academic enrichment and an out-of-the-box mindset brought her family to this choice. As a small business owner she understands that adaptability is highly important for success and is a major influence for staying with school choice. The passion and stories from families across the country keep her advocating for school choice.


Cynthia Williams, Ohio, Vice President

Cynthia hails from Cleveland, Ohio. Her oldest daughter was one of the first 250 students to enroll in Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA), a new online school option back in 2003. She is a 2011 OHVA graduate. Cynthia’s youngest just graduated from OHVA in 2020.

Cynthia was an online learning coach for 19 years. She was one of the founding members of the Board of Directors of the Ohio eSchool Families & Friends Coalition and has been working in Ohio organizing events, testifying, attending rallies, partnering with other charter organizations and mentoring future parents. She has also worked with the coalition to create their Student Ambassador Program, of which she is the current director.

Cynthia has worked as a paraprofessional with special education students online for the past 10 years helping them transition to the online school model and prepare for life after graduation.

While she has chosen and worked with the online school setting, she firmly believes and has advocated for the rights of parents to choose any schooling environment that works for them — whether it be online, charter, STEM or district schools.


Wei Barr, Alabama, Treasurer

Wei Barr hails from Alabama where her children joined Alabama Virtual Academy at the Eufaula City Schools as founding members in 2016. Born and raised in China, Wei immigrated to the US in 2007 and witnessed firsthand the power and impact school choice has on children and their families. She believes the freedom to choose is the foundation to a democratic society and works tirelessly to promote choice and equality within Alabama education communities. Wei has been an active member of the parent advisory committee for ALVA where she serves the virtual school families by advocating for school choice before state legislators. Wei and her husband Joseph are both instructional designers by trade who serve in the K-16 remote learning industry. She can be found in the woodworking shop when she is away from the screen.


Dr. Nicole Conragan, California, Secretary

Dr. Nicole Conragan is a practicing chiropractor as well as a passionate school choice advocate.  She discovered PSO in 2013 when she attended her first Parent Leadership Conference in Washington DC, and joined the board of California Parents for Public Virtual Education shortly thereafter.  She was president of CPPVE for four years, and is now honored to be serving on the PSO board.

Karen McGee, Idaho, Director

Karen lives in Pocatello, Idaho.  While serving on the Board of Education for the State of Idaho, she was in instrumental in drafting Idaho’s Charter School laws.  Karen is passionate that all parents and students should be provided choice in their education.  She has helped many communities to start and maintain charters.  Involvement in school choice will always be a high priority for her.  Karen and her husband Kraig have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. She loves skiing, golf and tennis!